3D Lamp maker

Update the old version of the album and create from now a 3D Model using your photos, or whatever you have in mind. To be more accurate you can create a 3D Lamp by bringing your own pictures. Simple as it sounds, all that you have to do is to send us an image and I assure you that we’ll do the impossible to bring the memory back to life.


We offer you a new and great marketing content. Convert your company logo, or your bussines card in an interesting 3D model. It becomes easier than before to be heard, to make people be more curious about your stuff. Why? Because originality always provides more clients than a simple advert will ever can. Trust the statistics and let us print whatever you think it would help for your bussines.

Useful items

I know it may be frustrating to lose your daily items, and don’t be able to buy new others like those. The things can change because we have the possibility to replace any of your lost items. We can make look the same or, if you want, you can personalized them in your unique way. So, don’t worry, nothing remains irreplaceable.

Enlarge your medical knowledge

Check out our human 3D printed skull. The cranium was exported from a real CT scan. It will help you to learn about our past and understand how we may progressing to the future. So, if you dare to learn some anatomically elements, here’s a new method to enlarge your knowledge.

3D Printed Cases

The new model of the case waits for your phone to come. So, let’s make a team togheter by following the next plan: you bring the idea, and we do our best to make the suitable option of the case you want. Your phone is now safe with our 3D case. Personalize it & Make it original, and hurry up, the ideas can’t wait an eternity.

Figures, Characters, Mini-toys

If you like as much as us to collect different kinds of figures or charcaters but you can’t find any shop to buy them, we are your solution. Send us a picture of your favourite one, and togheter we personalize it to make more suitable for you.

Some of our 3d drawings 


3D Printing and design


We create 3D models according to your requirements and ideas.

Contact us to turn your idea into a reality